All the content that you see on our blog (text mainly) is copyrighted to its authors and you are not allowed to replicate it anywhere else on the web. You might do that by taking proper permission from our team. Please use our contact page to reach out to our team for any such permissions.

Now coming to the images then some images are property of other websites (proper reference is given to those images) while some images are created by our team itself. You are not allowed to use our images as well. You need to take permission for this act also.

If you find any content that you want us to remove or adding references because of copyrights issue then you can reach to us using the same contact page. We will analyze your request and will decide further proceedings after that only.

Legal action will be taken against all the people who will be using our content without written permission from our team. So please reach out to us before using our content anywhere.

Regarding the products that we showcase on our blog, they are completely safe, trusted and used by our team. However if you find any bugs/complains with any of the product then that will not be our liability. In that case you can contact respective product owner. We might help you reaching out there. Nothing more should be expected from us in that scenario.

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