{*REVIEW*}: How I Fixed YLOD/Yellow, Red Light Blinking on my PlayStation (PS3/PS4)

PlayStation flashing yellow light? Or blinking red light? I can feel you understanding. Recently I faced the same issue when my PS3 started flashing yellow light while I was playing one of my favorite games. I have/heard about the things YLOD (Yellow Light of Death) before but this was the first time I faced it on my own PS3 console.

Like all, I too tried fixing it on my own and did some action items (which seems funny now).

First thing I did was to unplug all the cords and let PS3 take some rest (with hope that everything will become all right after 30 minutes or so). When I plugged all the cords then to my surprise nothing was working like before. So I started looking for other options.

I read some tutorials where it was said that you can repair YLOD without opening your PlayStation Console (be it PS3 or PS4) or you can fix YLOD using oven, all rubbish frankly. I tried them but truly speaking then none of them worked actually. I thought of giving my PS back to Sony and ask them for the solution. But they said to charge $250.. woaaaa, wait! I am not going to spend 250 bucks for this stupid problem so I didn’t consider that option (you should also). So what I did and how I brought my PlayStation recover from YLOD.

[UPDATED] Recently one of my friend told that YLOD/RROD/RLOD hits a PlayStation console if gamers play heavy high end games like Elders Scrolls Online Classes, World of War Craft (WoW), NS versions on it. I still need to test it before giving any statement but I don't think YLOD could be because of such issue (there might be chances like for supporting high end games, entire unit needs to perform bit higher than average but that should be okay as PS is designed specifically for handling high end games that are otherwise tough to manage on palm/lap devices). I will test few things and will update you again here so that we can have some concrete solution whether lights issue in PS3/4 can come because of high end games or not.

UPDATE: I tested few of my consoles against high end games and believe me I didn't find any relation between playing high end PS3 or PS4 games and YLOD. It might be a pure coincidence what my friends have tools me about relations between heavy games and light errors in PS. For now you are free to play all sort of games on your gaming consoles. I am still trying to find some other way to fix lights problem on on PS consoles. Will share once I have something prominent to share.

Do check out now.

Best way to fix YLOD in PS3 and PS4

I searched a lot and found below product on internet:

It mainly focuses on Fixing Cinavia Messages but as bonus they were giving YLOD Fix as well (just checked, they are giving this bonus now also). I came across some other products which were dedicated to YLOD Fix only but as price of above product and them was almost same (above product is cheaper even) so I decided to go with above one as it will secure my PS3 and PS4 from both YLOD and Cinavia errors.

Let me review this product now and share my experience with you all.

It is platform independent and you can use it on Windows and Mac OS both. 24x7 support and money back guarantee was something that made me more keen to use it.

You will get below things inside this software suite:

• Working guide to fix YLOD and Cinavia (each step explained with images which will let you proceed step by step very easily)
• Required software’s for both Windows and Mac OS
• Access to secret community which is limited to members only. That online community is all about gaming and sharing secrets. You will love being a part of that secret community I bet.
• Free updates (I got latest update yesterday itself)
• 24x7 support (quality one)
• Compatible with both PS3 and PS4
• Money back guarantee

What else you can expect from this YLOD repair kit. It took me about 3 hours to fix YLOD on my console. It might take bit more in cases you are completely noob to electronics world but don’t worry you will be able to fix it on your own that is for sure.

I will strongly recommend you to use this kit only as it will keep your PS3 or PS4 safe from two biggest issues YLOD and Cinavia that almost every PS gamer faces in his/her gaming tenure.

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