Working guides to fix Yellow Light in PS3/PS4 (YLOD)

Like you, I went through the same process that you’re going through right now – after a couple of years, my PS3 went into yellow light of death mode right when Final Fantasy 13 came out! Which wasn’t too long ago at all… and as you can guess, this pissed me off more than ever.

Here I am having a blast playing the most anticipated game by far and my stupid machine decides to crap out when I’m only about 6 hours into the game. What luck right??

Immediately I turned to the internet because I knew I couldn’t have been the first person to ever have experienced this problem before. And lo and behold, I see thread after thread on forums about the YLOD – but they all had something very common.

Do anyone have prominent solution to YLOD?
Yes, there are plenty of free little guides and tutorials that can attempt to help you temporarily fix the problem, but they’re mostly out-of-date, incomplete, or just dangerous. I wasn’t interested in breaking my machine!

The last thing I wanted to do was send my PS3 into Sony. I knew it was going to cost a truckload because the warranty on this console only lasts for 1 year. I think Sony should really consider extending the warranty up to 3 years…

I wanted a serious guide that was written by an actual repairman – something with step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow for an electronics noob like myself.

I ended up stumbling across a website that turned out to be a life-saver. It was the only one of it’s kind that I’ve been able to find because it’s got an actual members area and video guides to make the YLOD repair process easy for anyone.

Which product solved PS3 YLOD in my case?

Check out below product:

It will cost you around $25-40 only (way less than what you will spend in PS service centers).

I started using this product with little curiosity but to this day, I’ve never needed the 1 on 1 support. The videos have been more than enough to help me with any YLOD errors that I get on my system – and I’m gotten more than one!

There are 4 videos last time I checked the website and they each detail a different way to fix the yellow light of death. Remember, there can be multiple reasons why your PS3 is acting up and it’s important to try each repair method to figure it out.

The guides are also very well done with lots of pictures and detailed step-by-step instructions – something I am easily able to follow.
Take my word for it – if you currently have the YLOD on your PS3, then give these guys a chance to help you out. You’ll save 6 weeks of shipping time and $150 if it works. If it doesn’t work, then you’ll get your money back.

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