Should You Let Sony Fix Your PS3?

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So you’ve got that PS3 YLOD error? Ha, you’re not alone… I get about 3 emails dailyfrom gamers asking me to help them fix their console. As much as I would love to help every single person, I simply can’t. It’s why I have a recommended product on the right-hand side.

Even though the PS3 Repair Wizard ain’t free, it’s much cheaper than sending your system in to Sony and waiting 6 weeks+ for it to come back again.
So, it’s why I have a recommended product. If you want to repair your Playstation 3 on your own and have it up and running by tomorrow, then purchase your membership for the Repair Wizard and begin reading the repair guide immediately. If it doesn’t help you, then you can ask for a refund and you’ll get all your money back.

Should Sony Fix Your YLOD?

One of the most common emails I receive from gamers like yourself is whether they should send the console in to Sony. Obviously, this is the safest option. But, when I got the yellow light of death, I chose to repair it on my own. I didn’t want to pay $150 and wait 6 weeks.

I paid for my membership to YLOD Repair Wizard, downloaded the guide and watched the videos. I then gathered the tools that I would need and went to work.

It took longer than an hour like it advertises, but that’s because I like to take things slowly (and you should to if you’ve never really worked with electronics before. You gotta be careful not to break the parts).

All-in-all, I spent a few hours the first day going through everything and taking a look at all of the PS3 parts. I didn’t know exactly what was causing my YLOD so I made sure that I went through all of the common repairs.

After I put the PS3 back together, I no longer had the YLOD. I honestly don’t know exactly which error was causing the problem. I simply did all of the repairs that I could that the Repair Wizard had tutorials for.

Hey, it worked for me so I’m glad.

I hope this answers some of the emails I’ve been getting. But feel free to keep sending in your questions!

Check out this video, I hope it helps:

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