Fix Red Light of Death (RLOD) on PS3/PS4

Yes, it’s true. The PS3 also, albeit it rarely, has a red light of death error similar to that of the xbox 360. I’m not saying that it’s the same errors as the xbox, but the PS3 certainly does have a red light error that can appear.

I’ve never personally experienced this error but I hear that it’s caused from heat problems.

Now I don’t know if that means all types of heat errors or just a simple over-heating problem, but from what I’ve read on forums and such is that any type of heating problem on your system can give the red light.

So let’s say that your cooling system in the PS3 breaks down. You’ll get a red light error.

Or if some part in the system is overheating due to a broken fan, you’ll get the red light.

If your GPU’s cooling unit has failed, the red light will pop up. The GPU is the graphics chip by the way. It’s the part of the system that gives it all those awesome graphics and effects that you see on the television.

How to fix RLOD in PS3 and PS4

Ok so the next part of the question… What can you do to fix it?

Well, you have several options.

1) You can have your Playstation shipped to Sony. It’s $150 to send it in and it takes roughly 4-8 weeks to have it returned. This is a good option if you have money and you rarely play your console.

2) You can send it in to a repair shop. After checking online, the cheapest I’ve seen is around $75 plus shipping and handling. They are usually 3rd party shops so you’ll have to look more into these to see how legit they are.

3) You can repair it yourself. This is possible and there are YouTube videos and guides online that can help you do this.

My Recommendation

What do I recommend?

It’s a personal choice that only you can make.

I purchased a membership over at one YLOD Product (link at bottom). It’s a one-time fee membership site that has guides and instructional videos showing you how to fix all of the PS3 YLOD errors and red light problems.

Can you repair it for free?

Obviously, the answer is yes. There are videos on Youtube like I said and forums that you can read.
I watched them when mine broke yet I still went with YLOD Repair Wizard.

Because it was nice having everything on one site and the reviews I read about it were positive.

You won’t be able to fix your system in an hour like it claims, but you should be able to have it back up and running within a day. That certainly beats $150 and waiting 6 weeks.

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