Most common/basic repair techniques to PS3 YLOD/RLOD

Now, if you would rather spend a couple of hours learning about the errors on your system, then take the time to read the following basic troubleshooting steps to see if your system is suffering from a very simple error that can be repaired right now.

PS3 YLOD/RLOD common repairs

Disconnect your PS3 from the TV and the wall. Before you unplug the PS3, be sure to power down your console. If you don’t you can short out the system and create a more serious error that may require replacement parts.

After you unplug your PS3 and disconnect all connections, let your system sit for 20-30 minutes. If you want, you can move it to a different location in the room. What were are doing here is checking to see if your console is suffering from cooling issues.

These are known to cause the YLOD so we want to be sure that this isn’t it. I know it’s a very basic step but it is important nonetheless.
Ok, after about 30 minutes, go ahead and reconnect everything to your TV and the wall. Once everything is connected, be sure to double-check that everything is plugged into the right locations.

Once you are certain that your PS3 is connected properly, go ahead and fire her up. If you still get the YLOD, then you have a different problem that may need repairing.

You have the choice of sending your console into Sony for $150 or you can choose to learn how to repair it on your own.

I have given you my recommendation below. It’s the exact system I used to repair my PS3 when I had the YLOD.

Here’s a recent discussion I found that might be useful if you’re having issues if you’re worried about having problems with your PS3.

Lockup’s would be the most likely problem you’d come across first, and would probably last the longest. Howeve oter common signs could include odd sounds coming from the fan or disk drive, increased system temperature, smoke, warped casing, glitchy performance, etc. Of course things like smoke and case melting aren’t likey to happen first, but on rare occasions they will… In general though system lock ups and loud sounds coming from the console are your most likely culprits.

There is no sign. it will either fail or it wont. Just treat it well and as long as it doesnt have a defect it will be fine. Like all electronics there are defects and really there is nothing that can be done to prevent them from affecting the system at some point. So just play your Ps3 and dont worry about it. it should be fine. If on the slim chance something does happen call Sony and if its under warranty they will fix it and if not 150 is a lot to pay but its less than what a new one would cost and does include a 90 day warranty. My system failed after only two weeks. gave no indication anything was wrong until it just shut down on me while playing a game and wouldn't come back on.

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