PS3 Recovery/Troubleshoot/Safe Mode Guide

Troubleshooting is a handy thing that becomes very useful in case of common issues (sometimes severe ones even). Today I will be sharing some important information about Sony PlayStation 3 troubleshooting guide which is officially disclosed by Sony and holds the potential to recover PS3 gaming console from all the possible common errors. I have/had tried it with my YLOD affected PS3 but unfortunately it didn’t work. But for common problems it work all fine.

The thing I will be focusing will be about how to boot into recovery menu in PS3 and how to use it properly. So let’s start.

How to boot to Recovery Menu (PS3 Safe Mode) in Sony PlayStation 3

Recovery Menu in PS3 is popularly also known as PS3 Safe Mode. It was brought into concept with Firmware 2.50 upgrade. So users who have this or higher update on their consoles will only be able to use safe mode option. In order to switch to PS3 safe mode, you need to follow below steps:

• Let us assume your console is on standby mode. Turn it ON.
• Switch it OFF by pressing and holding the Power button. Make sure your PS3 switches off completely before proceeding to next step.
• Once your console is turned OFF, wait for 2-3 seconds and press and hold the Power button again. You will hear three beeps (1 at start, delay and then 2 consecutive beeps), as soon as you hear the two consecutive beeps release the hold on Power button.
• Now you will be asked to plug in the controller via USB. Do it and press the PS button
• Once you are done with above step, your system will boot to Safe/Troubleshoot/Recovery Mode. You will get screen as shown in image below:

Booted to PS3 Safe Mode, what next?

As you can see you will get above options in safe mode (please refer to safe mode image). Now I will explain the use of each one of them. Please try to backup all your PS3 data before moving with the further steps. Data may get corrupted sometimes so please ensure to take proper backups before using any of the troubleshooting options.

System Restart
As name says this option will simply restart the PS3 console. You don’t need to worry about your system files as it will not delete/modify them.

Restore Default Settings
This options will erase your current data and will replace all the settings/configurations with default ones. So please use it wisely.

Restore File System
This option comes in handy when your console is giving problems with normal boot up. This option will replace all boot up files. It will not affect your data files. It will simply replace the boot-up files which might be causing the issue during normal boot. It is a very useful option but please ensure to use it wisely.

Rebuild Database
This system will rebuild the entire gaming/console database from the beginning. You can use it in case you have lost some of your data for no clear reasons. It will rebuild all the potential corrupted files (Which can otherwise cause serious damage to your console in future).

Restore PS3 System
This option must be used as the last option only. It will restore the very basic settings on your console (before the last upgrade even). It will erase the current system and will replace everything with system default.

System Update
One of the feature that I personally love the most. This feature will allow you to install new updates with help of flashing devices like USB and other portable networks. It can become very useful if your PS3 is not getting booted up or similar scenarios. You can install new firmware directly without booting to normal with help of this troubleshoot option.

This is the detailed guide on Sony PlayStation Safe mode. Do let me know if you need more information.


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