PS3 Blinking Red/Yellow Light, What to do now?

PS3 blinking Red Light, what to do now? It is a very common question that I am getting these days. PlayStation blinking red or yellow lights is not a new thing. It is one of the most common problems that every PS user has experienced (or will face in some day). You can delay the process a bit. I will strongly suggest you to read one of article where we discussed about best possible ways to keep your PS console away from these unwanted lights.

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This problem normally comes like this. First your PS will blink normal green light then yellow light for 2-3 times (3 times in most of the cases) and then it will start flashing red light. Sequence might be different depending upon the root cause, but it will be somewhat like this only.

How to know PS got infected with YLOD/RLOD?

PS3 Red Light of Death and YLOD both are related to each other. Both are bugs and come in form of red/yellow light flashing on Play Station. Here I will discuss the best way to resolve blinking lights issue with PS console but before that let me discuss something. I have personally experienced that blinking lights is kind of taboo with gamers. Most of them think like if console starts flashing red or yellow light then there is no way out. It is a myth my friend. I have personally resolved YLOD/RLOD issue with my PS3 in just 3 hours. If I can do it then you can also do it very well.

If your PS3 starts flashing red light then all you need to do is to open it and find the root cause. Once you find the cause, it will be easy to debug that.

How to fix PS3 RLOD/YLOD

Now let me come to the point and share my story. My PS3 was infected with YLOD about 3 months ago. I started searching web for finding some solution. Some of my friends suggested me to visit service center and ask them to resolve my problem. I went there and when I asked about charges they said it will be anywhere between $100-$225. I was really shocked and for a moment I thought of buying a new PlayStation.
But I decided to give a try before going for a new PS. So I started searching web again. I came across a product that was claiing to solve RLOD/YLOD on PS.

I bought and started understanding it. Instructions were clear and I opened my PS3 console. I correlated my PS3 console with the images that were given in above product. I found some difference with power supply unit of my console (it was bit dark than the image they have shown). So this way I found the cause of blinking light in my PS.

I simply followed the guide and was able to resolve this issue within 3 hours only. From then I have fixed two of my friend’s console even. Try it once and let me know if you need help from my end. Tutorials given in product are worth reading and will let you understand the problem from very basic.

Waiting for your comments/issues so that we can help you on them.

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