How to fix YLOD on PlayStation 4

Till now we have mainly discussed about Sony Play Station 3. We have covered most of the guides related to PS3 YLOD problems including its root cause and fixes. YLOD is a common problem that we have seen in all the PS versions (be it PS3 or PS4). YLOD is a problem for PS4 even. So I have decided to come up with article about some basic causes and how to eradicate YLOD from PS4 completely.

PS4 YLOD Causes

As far as the causes are conserved then causes are similar to what we have discussed in case of PS3. I will suggest you to read this article. Here we have discussed the causes from very basic.

Let me sum up some of them here (I will be covering dangerous one’s only which has severity level much above than others).

One of the very usual causes is power unit damage. YLOD may arise because of common bugs in power supply unit (PSU). PSU mainly consists of electronic components like resistor and capacitors. Both the things are open to ageing. Bug in any of the component can cause fluctuation in circuit voltage which can further damage other components of console. So it is one of the most crucial and important part of whole console that should checked on frequent intervals (I will suggest it only if you have knowledge and experience with electronic components, as otherwise you will end up with bricking the entire console itself). If your PS4 is causing yellow light of death issue then simply open it up and check the power supply unit. It will solve most of your problems.

Next thing comes in list is temperature and dust. Dust can block air valves which increase the inner temperature of device which eventually erupt the whole printed circuit board. So please keep your PlayStation console away from heat and dust conditions.

Further analysis on common errors can be found from above referenced article.

How to fix Yellow Light of Death on Sony PlayStation 4

Fixing YLOD on PS4 is easy and requires you to analyze and replace some of its components only (sometimes opening the console will work even). I will suggest you not to replace your YLOD affected PS4 with a new one or getting it repaired in Sony Service Centers (unless it is in warranty period) as it will put heavy loads on your pockets. You can easily fix it with help of simple and well explanatory guides that are available on our site. Check any of the product (banners listed in our portal) and eradicate YLOD from your PS4 forever. I have tried them for my PS3 and have fixed that in 3 hours only. Not only this, but I have fixed my friend’s consoles also. So give it a try and let us know your experience.

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