Ways to fix PS3 Yellow Light of Death

When I was hit by YLOD then the biggest question that made routes to my mind was what to do with PS3 yellow light of death? Should I simply forget this console and buy a new one? Or should I go for nearby Sony PS Service Center for repair (who was asking huge money)? Or should I try rectifying it myself? These three questions are very common and are eventually the solution to every PS3 that is infected with yellow light of death or popularly known as YLOD.

Till now I have covered various tutorials that define YLOD, give some fixes, useful resources and other sort of things. Please take some time and try to read all of them. They will help you a lot with the thing called YLOD for PlayStation 3.

How to fix PS3 Yellow Light of Death

Now coming back to the above question, what I did when my PS3 was hit by Yellow Light of Death problem? I went with the third option. I bought one online product that claimed to fix YLOD on our own (you can find banners of that product on my blog). At first I thought it will be fake and will take my money only but still I thought to give it a chance as first two options were not worthy and feasible at all (both needed huge money which I don’t want to invest that time). So I went with the third option and started searching for YLOD Fix products.

I found one product, bought that and started understanding that. It was well stuffed with text, video tutorials on how to fix components that causes YLOD, how to replace them, how to find which thing has caused YLOD in your gaming console and several other things. I fixed my PS3 on day 1 itself and within just 2 days I was able to understand the YLOD problem from root.

I even fixed two of my friend’s PS3 with one go only. Min cause behind yellow light of death is ageing of electronic components, temperature, dust issues, loose soldering connections or some component damage. Nothing is beyond this. The only thing you need to be master in is identifying the root cause of YLOD. Once you identify that you will be able to fix that in no time.

You might have to buy few components (in case some components are damaged) which will case you in cents only. So no issues at that end also. Do let me know if you need my assistant.

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  1. https://youtu.be/F207oekyEp8
    This video can help ylod ps3 problem