Real reasons behind PS3 YLOD

You can’t completely fix a problem until and unless you understand it from the root. For proper fix and resolution you need to go deep down the root cause of problem. Now coming to YLOD problem for Sony Play Station 3, then it is a very common issue that most of the PS3 users experiences. This issue arises with time and hinders every gamer from enjoying their favorite PS3 games.

Here we will move deep into the initial levels of YLOD and will try to analyze its root causes and some common fixes that can keep YLOD away from your PS3 consoles.

Real causes of YLOD for PS3

YLOD can appear because of several issues which are mostly related to hardware structure. Hardware failures are the biggest failures that a PS3 console can come across. Sometimes in cases where your PS3 is unable to read properly, it is because of hardware defects (can be because of software bugs as well).

YLOD arises with time and improper handling of PS3 console. It can come because of following issues:
• Power supply unit (PSU) failure
• Ageing of electronic components
• Loosen soldier connections
• Dust
• Temperature
• etc

These are the reasons that might be causing yellow light flashing on your gaming device.

Now in order to solve these, you either need to visit Sony PlayStation Service Center (which is very costly) or you can easily fix PS3 YLOD by buying some online course/guide (I have mentioned one such trusted and self-tried product at the end. I have tried it and it has worked all fine).

For temperature issue, you can cover your console with heat proof covers (simple covers will also protect to great extent).

Ageing is a thing that is not in our hands completely. Electronic components become old with time and after some breaking point they break down. But you can increase their life by proper caring and careful handling.

You can also avoid YLOD by keeping it safe from dust particles. Dust blocks the air vents which increases the temperature which ultimately disrupts the entire printed circuited board (PCB, where all the components are mounted).

Loose connections can be rectified by opening the PS kit and fixing/tightening them with soldering iron. But please use some expert guide before opening your console. It might put you in great troubles.

These are some of the common reasons and their solutions for YLOD problem in PS3. Please handle your console very carefully so that it can give better satisfaction and can for long hours.

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