PS3 YLOD Guide- Things to do before YLOD FIX

I have shared few ideas/tutorials that can help you with fixing YLOD on your PS3 consoles. Today here I am going to share another PS3 YLOD Guide that I haven’t tried personally but have seen my friends doing it. It won’t be a complete fix guide but it is the set of pre-requisites that you might be willing to do before going for fixing YLOD. Believe me this article will be a great savvier for your PS3 as we usually miss these steps while opening our gaming consoles and trying fixing YLOD problems.

PS3 YLOD Fix Guide- Prerequisites

Device under warranty? Before going any further, always check this thing first. If it is under warranty period then don’t try to be an expert. In this case simply visit your nearby Sony PlayStation Service Center and ask them to fix YLOD on your PS3. It is a rare case as YLOD comes with age and usually the warranty has wrapped off till then. But please be sure to double check warranty period before starting opening your console on your own.

Take out the gaming disk out from your PS3. In some cases usual eject will not work. Don’t worry we have a fix for that. Turn OFF your PS3 from the power button on your console. Now press Eject button, while keeping it pressed turn ON the console power button. It will put the fans on full power and will power eject your gaming disk easily. It will save you from rebuying the same game again.

You can also go for removing hard disk from your PS3. This thing is for all those users who don’t want to go for a repair and want to buy a new PS3 (don’t do this as you can easily fix YLOD and other PS3 problems). This step will save your games and you will not be required to put extra efforts in clearing all those gaming levels (that you have already cleared in your bug affected PS3). You can easily fix the old hard drive on your new PS3 console and can enjoy your old games again from the point where you left them in your old PS3. I will recommend this step even if you are going for fixing YLOD on same console as it will be a good practice so remove your hard disk and then fixing YLOD cause (a loosen connection or component removal in most of the cases).

So there are few things that you need to keep in mind while going for fixing YLOD. Believe me fixing YLOD on PS3 is super easy and you can do it easily with various products/guide available on our site (banners available in start and end of the article). I am saying this thing again and again because I have personally fixed my PS3 and have saved hundreds of dollars and headache. There are various reasons behind PS3 YLOD. You just need to find the correct one and then fix that. Do try them once and let us know if anything is not working properly for you.

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