PS3 YLOD Causes and Solutions

It is really very common to fall under the category of victim of Yellow Light of Death popularly known as YLOD for PS3. If you are a Play Station 3 user then you might have been in this situation very often. Don’t worry now, here at YLPPS3.COM, our entire team will help you solving YLOD for PS3 by fixing it with most suitable and trusted products.
But before jumping into that let we understand the meaning of YLOD. What is YLOD for PS3, how it originates and how it can be fixed.

What is YLOD for PS3

YLOD stands for Yellow Light Of Death and is one of the biggest hardware failures with PlayStation 3. It starts very normally when you boot up (starts) your PS3. One very frequent question about YLOD is that how one can identify whether his/hers PS3 is hit with YLOD bug. You can easily find it by observing following activities:
• Turn on our PS3
• It should turn on normally for first 2-3 seconds
• Now your PS3 will beep 3 times with yellow light flash (faint yellow light I will say)
• Now your PS3 will flash red light continuously
If these things have happened or are happening with your PS3 console then unfortunately that means that your system has got a hit from YLOD bug. Don’t worry we have right products to solve your problems.

YLOD PS3 Causes

Now the important question comes, what things cases PS3 console to get a hit by YLOD. According to experts there may be many causes behind this bug. I am sharing all of them here.

1. Overheating

Very usual cause of YLOD can be overheated console. It starts with dust building and ends with YLOD. Please try to keep your PS3 console away from dust and other such things. Also please try to avoid keeping it in very hot environment/places.
You can somewhere fix overheating problems by checking whether the vents of console are blocked or not. Just touch the console, if you find it hot then overheating might be the cause behind YLOD. In order to solve it, power off your console and let it be in OFF mode until it cools down. Once it cools down, turn it ON and check if the problem has solved or not. If the problem has not solved yet then you probably need to try something else (means overheating was not the cause behind your PS3’s YLOD).

2. Hardware Failures

Hardware failures mainly include problems because of overheating. Hardware failures might be because of buggy power system also (high or low voltages). It mainly arises because of loosen soldering connections. You can fix it by re-soldering the loosen connections with normal soldering iron.

There might be problems with capacitors or resistors in the power supply unit of your console. You can check it with help of multi-meter can than can replace or re-solder those particular components as per the requirement (if they are in proper condition then re-soldering will be enough).

There are few other causes like Blu-Ray Drive failure, hard drive failure etc.

Whatever be the cause, there are only 3-4 ways to fix YLOD for PS3. Either you can go for a new PS3 (which I recommend you not to go for) or you can get it fixed by some mechanic (I will not recommend it as well, because he/she will charge you lot).

Third option left is to PS3 YLOD fix by your own. Believe me you can easily fix your fix ps3 yellow light of death by your own. I have done it personally and there are many like me who are doing it. For this you will have to buy a PS3 repair guide (which will cost you way less than any mechanic or PS3 repair shop).

You can find that product on this blog also (which I have used personally). These guides will give you detailed guides (visual guides full of images and videos about step by step guide about how to fix PS3 YLOD bug). Just try them for Sony PS3 YLOD fix.

You can also reach out to our experts for any other problems with your PS3 (Please use contact page for this).

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  1. thanks for the reasons why YLOD happens because ive just got onto my ps3 after 7 months and it just started doing these things out of no where