How to fix PS3 YLOD (easy ways)

Here you will find the answer to one of most critical question of most of the Sony PlayStation 3 users. Question I am talking about is how to fix ps3 yellow light of death issue? I have already covered a tutorial that explains YLOD from scratch and some common fixes to it. You can read it from here.


I know how it feels when our console gets a hit from YLOD. It’s like taking your bread away in between your meal. Some gamers even fear to open their PS3 consoles because of this YLOD problem. What they usually do is to visit nearby Sony PS3 service center and try resolving the issue with them. It will usually cost them too much ($200-$400 even). I personally know some gamers who have even bought new PS3 just because of yellow faint light flashing over their consoles. When I told them these solutions, they were really disappointed on their more of going for new PS3 or service stations.

Fortunately you don’t need to go for new console or service station any more. You can try any of the following fixes.

• Sometimes YLOD comes because of overheating. You can judge it by touching your console. If it is hotter than usual then overheating might be the real issue behind yellow flashes. If console’s temperature is higher than usual then simply turn it OFF and then place it in some cold place (not fridge obviously). You need to place it at some place with 20-25 degrees temperature. You can easily find such place inside your room (try to locate it near some shadowing place). Try the console after some time when the extra heat goes away and you don’t feel any temperature on touching the console).

• Overheating sometimes causes other issues like loosening the soldering points on PS3 PCB. In such cases you will need help of proper guides/products (you can find them on our blog also, check the banners in start or end of the article) which will guide you step by step with fixing the loose soldering connections after which your PS3 will work like before and you will be able to solve PS3 YLOD.

• Third point is also related to loose connections but it is somewhat related to power unit of Ps3 console. YLOD may also come with bugs in power unit connection. Error may be in some capacitor or resistor. In this case also, you will have to refer to these guides.

You can easily do PS3 Repair stuff with these guides (I am not a technical person but have done it, so you can also repeat it). Below you can find one such product that will help you solving YLOD problem. In case you are unable to fix your PS3 YLOD, you can anytime reach our experts by commenting below or our using contact page.

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